Offshore company formation in Ajman was allowed only as late as 2014. The Ajman Free Zone Authority offers benefits such as zero taxation, complete privacy and 100% repatriation on profit to offshore companies in Ajman Free Zone. The cost to set up an offshore company in Ajman is the cheapest in UAE and the time taken to establish it is the least. Ajman offshore companies are non-resident companies and are not issued operating licenses. Here, these companies will only get a company incorporation certificate. No Ajman offshore company can conduct business within United Arab Emirates. These shareholders are, however, allowed to invest in UAE companies. However, for Ajman offshore company registration, a director of shareholder needs to be physically present in Ajman Free Zone office, along with a registered agent, and personally sign the documents

Unlike other Emirates, minimum two directors are needed for Ajman offshore company registration. To setup offshore companies in this region it is required to perform annual audits and physically hold meetings in the presence of an auditor. It is mandatory to have a registered agent for any interaction with Ajman Authority in relation to Ajman offshore company formation . That’s where Netri Business Setup comes to your rescue, we help you with every criterion involved during an offshore company formation at Ajman. We save you time, money and effort by handling all the paperwork and getting required approvals from Ajman freezone authorities. Netri Business Setup has 15 years of experience in company formation in UAE. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, you can set up an offshore company in Ajman within two days. With Netri business Setup, your Ajman offshore company formation cost will be the least.

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